2nd Swing


No Clubs Were Harmed

The internet really comes to life when we hit the links with Olson & 2nd Swing.  Ben nailed the angle of approach on this funny spot, integrating computer screen graphics with live action golfers.  Matt “chipped” in on color and graphics to bring energy to the project.  Thanks to Olson for inviting us to don our best golf togs and visit the course for the shoot.





Agency: Olson
Client: 2nd Swing
Creative Director: Matt Burgess
Production: A2F Pictures
Director: James Rautmann, A2F
DP: Josh Becker
Producer: Elizabeth Ryan, A2F
Editor: Ben Thompson
Color/VFX/Online: Matt Collings
Post Producer: Leah Rogers
VO Record/Mix: Eric Olsen, NoWare Studios
Audio Producer: Joel Dodson, NoWare Studios