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Presbyterian Health Plan


Symptoms and Solutions Along with 3 Advertising and 8th Street Productions, we helped Presbyterian Health Plan subscribers members find humor where technology and healthcare intersect. Brody and Ben tag teamed the edit on this campaign, producing nine funny spots depicting patients’ desperate and dramatic… Read More

Bon Appétit – Date Night & Happy Hour


Pizza…A Love Letter We’ve learned something working with space150 for Bon Appétit Pizza by Schwan’s. Turns out this thingy called “the internet” on your phone is a real time suck, and it’s keeping people from connecting with one another.  Who knew?  To… Read More

Buffalo Wild Wings – Kiss Cam First Date

PDA in NYC Check out our latest collaboration with space150 for Buffalo Wild Wings starring a cheeky interactive billboard in New York.  Brody expertly molded hectic footage of Times Square featuring a real couple ambushed by the BWW Kiss Cam, turning a seemingly plutonic outing into a full-on PDA… Read More