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Cyclops, Cement Shoes, And Bears…Oh My! A new year leads to New Year’s resolutions. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with the peeps at Preston Kelly to give you “Another Reason Y” you should join the YMCA. In fact, these… Read More

USA Swimming


Take a refreshing moment to dip into a little more of Matt’s wonderful color work!     USA Swimming – “The Walk”  

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Creamer

Start Your Day With Dunkin We had a blast working with our friends at Olson on a campaign for Whitewave’s new Dunkin Donuts Coffee Creamer. Brody was able to work his funny bone in the suite and our Flame Artist… Read More

Indian Motorcycle


The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of Indian Motorcycle leads the pack   No one could blame us for daydreaming about riding off into the sunset on a gorgeous Indian Motorcycle while working on this spot. Fortunately, there was no need,… Read More



A Quiet Night Thought JoLynn and Matt Connect On YouChat Staying in touch with the people we love is easier than ever before, and YouChat is here to prove it. Using an interpretation of Li Bai’s famous Chinese poem “A… Read More


Start with Turkey, End With Something Beautiful… Like Bacon! Arby’s Makes Our Mouths Water We had a great time doing color and finish on these yummy Arby’s spots with the fine folks at Fallon. While the food looked delicious enough… Read More

Happy Birthday to Us!


  A lot has happened in the six years since we opened our doors.  We’ve done some amazing work, and every project has taught us something about how to do it even better the next time. But most importantly, we’ve… Read More

Breaking Free


Perception is Not Reality Break the Cycle, Break Free Thousands of girls and women are trafficked and sold for sex every year right here in Minnesota. Did you know? We didn’t either. But Breaking Free, a St. Paul-based organization that… Read More


Poetry + Video? Genius! What happens when you put some of today’s best poetry into the hands of some seriously talented filmmakers and animators? You get something very special, and it’s called Motionpoems. The Motionpoems team, embarking on their 5th… Read More

Explore Minnesota Tourism

Snow? What Snow? Brody and Oscar join up with Colle + McVoy for Explore Minnesota Tourism   Believe it or not, summer is on its way, and like all true Minnesotans, we plan on spending as much time outside as… Read More