Cenex – 45 Tons
Hometown pride for the win! We had a great time working with our friends at Colle McVoy on these fun new Cenex spots you might’ve seen during “The Big Game”.

Client: Cenex
Agency: Colle McVoy

Executive Creative Director: Laura Fegley
Group Creative Director: Dustin Black
Associate Creative Director: Adam St. John
Copywriter: Zach DeBlaey
Agency Head of Production: John Borchardt
Creative Edit: Brody Howard
Color: James Tillett, MPC
Finish: Carl Wurtz
Executive Post Producer: Leah Rogers
Associate Post Producer: Jennie Ekstrand
Audio Engineer: Greg Geitzenauer, Grey Ghost Music
Audio Producer: Laurel Turek, Grey Ghost Music
Production: MJZ
Director: Rocky Morton
DP: Kris Kachikis
Producer: Betsy Oliver