Opening Reception: Scott Roper – Remnants


Scott Roper
July 11th – Sept. 30th
Opening Reception: Thursday July 21st 6pm-9pm, FREE




Join us Thursday July 21st for the opening reception of Remnants, a series of work from artist Scott Roper. Stop by, have a drink, and check out some art.

About the show Remnants:
Scotts use of human skulls in much of his current work is not a contemporary take on the memento mori of the past but a reference to the dichotomy of man himself, as a natural being capable of overcoming his biological constraints as well as the world in order to meet his desired means. His work utilizes the technologies of the now with various classical approaches and techniques to create collaged and carefully composed body of paintings. It is the exponential growth of science and technology that communicates awe and wonder to the artist much as the renaissance and the enlightenment once did for those of the past. Not only does Scott reference the past historical iconography but does so with contrast between the rich classical glazes of colors and a modified or deleted background hinting at the use of modern technologies.

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