Andrew Zimmern Dares You to Eat Healthy

HealthPartners and Preston Kelly have unleashed Andrew Zimmern on a group of unsuspecting children eating their lunches at their school cafeteria.  Andrew’s only goal is to persuade these youngsters to eat healthier, and boy is he convincing. What’s his trick to conning these notoriously picky eaters into gobbling up broccoli? Andrew cuts a deal: They can eat the broccoli, or dine on the delicacies in his lunchbox. As you’d suspect, Andrew’s lunch menu is a bit on the “exotic” side.

See if you could stomach his challenge:


Agency: Preston Kelly
Creative Director: Peter Tressel
Art Director: Anne Taylor
Copywriter: Kyle Parr
Agency Producer: Anne Swarts
ditch. Editor: Brody Howard
Smoke Artist: Nick Mueth
ditch. Producer: Leah Rogers