Carlos Lamas Signs On With ditch


New Kid Carlos Won’t Steal Your Lunch Money
Carlos Lamas Signs on for Exclusive Commercial Representation at ditch.




We’re very happy to announce the latest addition to ditch.’s freelance editorial roster, Carlos Lamas. He’s a Minneapolis native who’s been cutting in town for the better part of the last decade, working with clients like Target, Kmart, Capital One, and Best Buy, as well as cutting music videos and shorts that have been featured on several national platforms. He’s bilingual, and he’s cut plenty of spots in Spanish. These are just a few of the reasons we wanted him to join the team, but as far as why he decided to be represented exclusively by ditch. for his commercial work, it’s probably better if you hear his reasons straight from the horse’s mouth:



Why I Teamed Up With ditch
by Carlos Lamas, 27th Grade

I enjoy editing. I enjoy thinking about storytelling. I enjoy the process of putting together the visual or narrative puzzle that ends up becoming a finished piece. I enjoy working with a variety of people on a variety of projects. There are few things that match the feeling of finding yourself in a creative feedback loop with a client, energizing each other into finding weird solutions to weird problems.

I love working in a relaxed, aesthetically-motivated environment with creative, fun, attractive people. The facilities at ditch. are a perfect blend of technology and magic; a comfortable, artistic space with the finest edit suites Minneapolis has to offer. The people at ditch. are creative, fun, and for the most part, attractive. It’s a natural fit, made even more natural by my existing relationships with many of ditch.’s staffers and freelancers. Only good can come of this.

Things I Do That Aren’t Editing:
– Drink
– Make cocktails
– Make music
– Look good
– Watch basketball
– Co-host a podcast about the Timberwolves with Matt Collings
– Manage a punk/metal record label
– Blog about fancy things
– Repair and ride motorcycles
– Win at Trivia
– Play nerdy strategy board games


We’re all delighted he thinks so highly of us – the feeling is mutual. Check out Carlos’ reel here or stop by and see him in person!