Gone – A short film by ditch.




Check out our first short film, “Gone”.  We collaborated with The Cancer Poetry Project to bring 6 year old Jadon Fimon’s poem about his mother’s cancer to life in a live action/animated short.  We couldn’t have pulled it off without the incredible creativity and the dedication of everyone who donated their time and energy to this project. This town is so full of good people! Animator Jeffrey Grutter of Gaardhouse immediately understood our vision and took it way beyond what we imagined. Design Guys made the vinyls to create our lizard machine. We held casting sessions with the help and guidance of Aiyana at Ruggiero Models and Talent. Our talented actors and extras who were patient as we experimented on set; our crew, especially Jonny Stuckmeyer, Scott Regan, and Doug Gander who worked long hours under sometimes uncomfortable conditions. LSS Financial Counseling and Frankie’s Pizza gave us incredible access to their space to create Jadon’s world. Many musical talents touched it as well! Joey Verskotzi wrote a beautiful original song for the film. Dan Jensen of BWN recorded Kian Howard’s voiceover. Bryan Hanna handled sound design and final mix. Writer Jadon and his mom Michelle have been so supportive of the project along the way, and we have been honored to be allowed to help share their story.  Thank you to Gilda’s Club Twin Cities for hosting our premiere party.


Peruse photos from the shoots and the premiere party.