Hendricks Regional Health


Life Happens
The Doctors are in at Hendricks Regional Health


Since you never know what’s coming around the corner, the healthcare professionals at Hendricks Regional Health are always ready. Carrie and the team at NE Pictures crafted a charming campaign about everything from those little bumps and bruises to the important moments that aren’t always so graceful. Matt, working with beautiful Alexa footage, colored and finished the series of spots as one of his first jobs on team ditch!



Client: Hendricks Regional Health
Producer: Nicole Erdmann
Writer: Peter Hajinian
Art Director: Nicole Erdmann
Production: NE Pictures
Director: Jonathan Beckemeier
Editor: Carrie Shanahan
Color/Finish: Matt Collings
Post Producer: Leah Rogers
Audio: Brahmstedt White Noise

JANUARY 17, 2013