Minnesota DNR


Careful In That Tippy Canoe!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants you to tame your wild side when you’re out on the water this summer. To help get the DNR’s message across, Martin Williams tapped Moxie and ditch. to help create a campaign promoting boating safety. The three spot campaign pits unsuspecting boaters against their own inner party animal. With the use of a little split screen trickery (a la “The Parent Trap”) we get to see the same actor chat with his alter ego as he struggles and eventually fails to make a wise decision when it comes to safe boating.




Agency: Martin Williams
Creative Director: Tom Moudry
Art Director: Rachel Roddy
Copywriter: Jake Lancaster
Agency Producer: Jennifer Cadwell
Editor: Brody Howard
Smoke Artist: Nick Mueth
Post Producer: Leah Rogers