Matt Collings Puts A Spit-Shine on P.O.S.’ Latest Track


Every once in awhile we get to break out of the commercial world and get our hands dirty with a project that’s just fun. Lucky us when it’s a collaboration with some of the best talent in the Twin Cities and it bumps like this does. Matt Collings finished the video for P.O.S.’ latest single, “Get Down”, which dropped yesterday with his fourth studio album, We Don’t Even Live Here. With the tune bumping in the Flame suite, everyone was feeling good.


For editor JoLynn Garnes, this video was a blast to cut, but also a bit of a challenge. With so many talented characters and amazing performances, the possibilities for a storyline were endless. The video was shot on Red and the Phantom Miro, which was rigged up to get the spinning front and overhead shots. Matt hopped in on the Flame to do a bit of clean-up work to make this incredible cast of characters look their finest, along with the rig removal and set extensions that helped P.O.S. defy the laws of gravity.


So fun to get to work on such a great, locally-produced piece!



Read more about the video and the album release here.


Directors: Beests (Isaac Gale, Maria Juranic, David Jensen)
Producers: Maria Juranic and Scott Ferril
Production Company: Permanent ADG and Rent The Sky Films
Director of Photography: Ryan Kron Thompson
Colorist: Josh Allard at Pixel Farm
Editor: JoLynn Garnes
Flame Artist: Matt Collings
Online Post Producer: Leah Rogers