Park Nicollet


Feeling Good, Even With The Flu
Park Nicollet’s new spots have us feeling all warm and fuzzy


It’s that time of year, everyone. Sniffly noses, high fevers and night sweats are all pretty good reasons to stay in bed, far from the people and things you love. JoLynn teamed up with Design Guys and Park Nicollet again and cut this lovely campaign that reminds us why we want to stay healthy. Matt’s color and finish gave it all the warmth you could need during the winter months. These beautiful, feel good spots show us all the things we have to look forward to once we beat this nasty flu.




Client: Park Nicollet
Agency: Design Guys
Creative Director: Steve Sikora
Brand Strategist: Betsy Treinen
Editor: JoLynn Garnes
Color/Finish: Matt Collings
Post Producer: Leah Rogers
Mix: Rumble
Director: Josh Thacker
Producer: Jodi Nelson, Blue Morpho Films

JANUARY 15, 2013