Park Nicollet


What Moments Do You Live For?

It’s pretty rare to be truly moved by a commercial, but JoLynn’s latest project, a collaboration with Design Guys to create Park Nicollet’s first broadcast spots, has that effect on almost everyone who sees it. And it’s not just that catchy song that draws us in. Featuring real patients, their families, and their doctors, each vignette highlights a moment that brings our focus to what really matters. Josh Thacker directed, and Bo Hakala shot the gorgeous footage on the RED Epic camera. It just took a little finesse in color and finish for Nick to bring out the best in each scene.




Client: Park Nicollet
Editor: JoLynn Garnes
Color/Finish: Nick Mueth
Mix: Matt Kirkwold, Rumble
Director: Josh Thacker
DP: Bo Hakala
Producer: Jodi Nelson, Blue Morpho Films
Agency: Design Guys
Creative Director: Steve Sikora
Copywriter: Karen Lokensgard
Brand Strategist: Betsy Treinen