Steak ‘n Shake


The Original Steakburger. Yum!

This is some effective advertising. Working on this Steak ‘n Shake spot led directly and immediately to a major increase in red meat consumption at ditch. Everyone’s mouths watered watching this beautiful meat on its journey from the best Manhattan butchers to the sizzling griddle. Brody worked with the talented folks at Carmichael Lynch to select the choicest cuts, before handing it over to Tim Masick at Company 3 for some Grade A color grading. Greg at Rumble finessed every sizzle, slice and pop, and we brought it back home to ditch to Flame-broil the bun and burger to rare perfection. Check out the goods:

“The Original Steakburger”


Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Client: Steak ‘n Shake
Creative Director: Randy Hughes
Art Director: Jeff Terwilliger
Copywriter: Andy Graca
Agency Producer: Jon Mielke
Creative Editor: Brody Howard
Color: Tim Masick, CO3
Finish: ditch.
Mix: Greg Geitzenauer, Rumble
Production Co: MacGuffin Films
Director: Kevan Bean