Isn’t It Time For An Adventure?
We’ll Give You 3 Million Reasons To Go


Imagine buying your dream car in your twenties, and driving it well past your retirement! Irv Gordon did just that in his 1966 Volvo P1800S, logging almost three million miles (with the original engine) while cruising along the byways of our nation and beyond. Troy Longie and the folks at Haberman Modern Storytellers partnered with Brody and Matt to help bring Irv’s astonishing half-century journey to life, while the guys at Egg Music created the perfect soundtrack for the ride. So, who wants to go for a spin?





Client: Volvo
Agency: Haberman Modern Storytellers
Creative Director: Troy Longie
Account Director/Agency Producer: Brian Matakis
Editor: Brody Howard
Color/Finish: Matt Collings
Post Producer: Leah Rogers
Original Music: Joey Verskotzi, Egg Music
Mix: Bryan Hanna, Egg Music
Director: Kerry Shaw Brown
Production Co: Broadcast Service Group
Executive Producer: Wayne Chrystal