A Quiet Night Thought
JoLynn and Matt Connect On YouChat
Staying in touch with the people we love is easier than ever before, and YouChat is here to prove it. Using an interpretation of Li Bai’s famous Chinese poem “A Quiet Night Thought” as its voiceover, this spot, edited by JoLynn, pulls at the heartstrings and introduces global audiences to a new messaging application meant to keep friends and family close.  Matt helped create the dreamy vision with his coloring expertise and added the final touches to help bring this spot to screens around the world.



Client: Acesse Corporation
Production Company:  Blue Morpho Films
Producer:  Jodi Nelson
Director:  Bryan Michurski
DP:  Jeff Stonehouse
Offline Editor: JoLynn Garnes
Color: Matt Collings
Flame/Graphics Artist: Matt Collings
Compositing: Mark Youngren
Post Production Producers: Leah Rogers, Amalia Nicholson